What We Do

  • We set up and run an automated crypto trading bot for you
  • You still hold your money in your exchange, we cannot withdraw it
  • Just relax and watch the returns come in

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    What is it?

    RUNBOT is an IT service for setting up Gunbot, an Automated Trading System for cryptocurrencies. Automated Trading Systems, often referred to as 'Trading Bots' are computer programs which have been used on the stock market for years. They watch the markets for opportunities, using sophisticated algorithms and make trades on your behalf. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, they are vital - because, unlike stocks markets, crypto markets never sleep.

    Gunbot is currently the most popular and feature-rich Trading Bot for cryptocurrencies, with over 6000 users, supporting several popular exchanges and a number of trading strategies.

    Want to know how to run a Crypto Trading Bot?

    Gunbot can be quite tricky to set up correctly and you need to run it 24/7. That's where we come in - we can set up and run Gunbot for you for a small fee. You keep all your returns and can quit any time. Just scroll down to learn more...

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    We've been bot trading for a while now. We have many satisfied customers and their servers have made a lot of winning trades - with no human intervention.

    We do not invest in pumps-n-dumps or scam coins. Our advice would be to ignore the services out there with returns which seem 'too good to be true'.




    Days uptime




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    Who are we?

    We are a team of techies and crypto traders. We are not financial advisers and do not offer financial advice. We offer technical services for setting up and running Gunbot. As with all investments, you should do your own research and invest only what you are comfortable with. If you're familiar with crypto and want to do some automated trading, we're here to help. Back to top ▲


    The set up cost is $1000 USD. This covers purchasing a Gunbot license for you and setting up a remote server.
    The running cost is $30 USD per month. This covers hosting and maintenance of the server.
    Commissions: 0%. We do not (and cannot) take commissions from your returns.
    Minimum investment: $0 USD. There is no minimum. Trade the amount you are comfortable with.
    Maximum investment: $25,000 USD. Chat to us first if you plan to trade with more than $25,000 USD.
    Exit fee: $0 USD. There are no exit fees or minimum lock-in periods.

    We support a few cryptocurrency exchanges, but recommend Binance because of its high liquidity and low trading fees.
    We will talk you through creating an 'API key' which allows Gunbot to trade on your behalf, but never to withdraw.
    We get you to set up the 'API key' because you should never give ANYONE your crypto exchange username or password.
    We will set up 32 trading pairs for you and (unlike similar services out there) do not limit the number of trades your bot can make.
    Once running, you will receive messages about every trade your bot makes.
    You can quit any time - there are no exit fees. Just stop paying us or move your money, we can't touch it.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    These are the questions we get asked a lot. If there's something you want to know, but it's not here, feel free to contact us.

    Can I just set up Gunbot myself?

    Yes, you can. But you'll need some technical knowledge, a server to run it 24/7 on and, if you browse the community support forums out there, you'll notice a lot of people run into trouble setting it up. That's why we set up this site, if you'd rather do other things with your time.

    Can I see some results?

    We keep our customers' data secure. But you can see 1 month of activity from one of our own trading bots here. You'll see it makes around 6 trades per day, each trade usually makes a few percent profit, working out roughly 0.4% per day return on what we give the bot to trade with. That's 12% profit per month, on top of the normal movement of the crypto market.

    What do I need?

    You will need an account with Binance. They are the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange with great security, high liquidity and low trading fees. You can buy cryptocurrency there, or transfer in what you'd like to trade with. We can then walk you through creating an 'API key', which allows Gunbot to place trades on your behalf, but not to withdraw anything. After that, we take care of everything else. If you want your bot to message you about trades it makes, you'll need Telegram Messenger too, which is available for both desktop and mobile.

    How do I know you won't steal my money?

    We cannot make any withdrawals from your exchange account. We will never ask for your username or password. We will not ask you to install any weird plugins or software. Your 'API key' allows Gunbot to make some trades on your behalf, that's all. That's why you can quit any time, we can't stop you.

    How much should I trade with?

    As with any investments, only invest what you are comfortable with. That's why we don't have a minimum requirement. We do not offer financial advice, but we personally have no more than about 5% of our net worth be in cryptocurrencies and about half of that being used for automated trading.

    What strategy do you use?

    We set up Gunbot with the top 32 trading pairs and trade in 15 minute cycles with the popular 'Bollinger Band Step Gain' strategy. While we cannot guarantee the results, this strategy works for us and is less risky than some of the 'too good to be true' sounding aggressive strategies out there, which often employ 'leveraging' - a very risky practice when trading cryptocurrencies.

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    Contact Us

    If you'd like to talk to us about setting up a Gunbot server for you, just fill in your details below: